Blockchain Development

We are working towards to build a decentralized world where our team analyze all the pros and cons of Blockchain
whether it is from healthcare to fintech and also Blockchain for cyber security and customizations to provide a
technological solution for meeting your specifications.

Our Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Solutions

Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Platform

Our major crypto exchanges helps to build, test and execute algorithmic strategies which are used to lead edge technology for arbitrage, market making and other professional trading appliances for cryptocurrency . ICO Investor Portal

Investor dashboard for companies executing ICO processes for investors with professionalism and credibility that allow differentiate their offering from the crowd. Attract investors, gather funds, distribute tokens. Technology for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We offered to market participants and more to building blocks of technological edge, performance, stability and security for crypto exchanges – matching engines, FIX protocol gateways, performance and functional test harness, integrated algorithmic trading tools.
Crypto Asset Management

Investor dashboard, robo advisory and digitalized asset and wealth management processes of investor onboarding, profiling, portfolio construction, performance monitoring, rebalancing and reporting for portfolios of crypto and traditional assets.

Why Go For a PhoneGap App ?

Blockchain Systems Development

We support various appliances in financial industry to build custom, blockchain based distributed systems such as multi-signature wallets, exchanges, financial platforms, crowdfunding platforms, auctions and trading infrastructure.

DApp Development

A P2P network is better than a single computer to runs decentralized applications . Our 5 years of experience in multiple domains to build end to end solutions including Mobile apps, Web Front End, Microservices and Smart Contracts.

Smart Contracts

Ethereum is a decentralized platform for applications on which we create smart contracts that executing exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. It enables our customers to work in accordance with instructions and many other things without a middleman or counterparty risk i. e. create markets, store registries of debts or promises, move funds and other assets.


Your company need a strong technical partner for both credibility and valuation reasons to raise money with a planning through global distributed share offering . We help you to prepare your final product release by ICO including writing white papers and building working prototype. You will get a trustful, credible and long term technical partner if your idea is convenient for us.

Blockchain Advantages

Financial systems

Blockchain well-known use is in the mainstream financial sector: trading of assets and internal accounting. Blockchain technology as smart contracts could increase security through embedding regulation into transactions that only execute when certain criteria are met.

Organizational record keeping

All companies deal with the supply chain like vendors, suppliers, and retailers by using the block chain to make this process more efficient and transparent. Allthe various companies access to blockchain records through the finance department and then they can see what is happening when, where, and how. accounting. Blockchain technology as smart contracts could increase security through embedding regulation into transactions that only execute when certain criteria are met.

Product tracking

Blockchains can keep track of each step of product along with the manufacturing and shipping process history by creating records. A retailer can track the journey of the product from beginning to end to verify the product authenticity.

Global Payments

Most global payments with transactions fee was 7.6% in 2016. Blockchain and smart contracts can cut off the intermediaries who manage steps of this process and make it cheaper for you.