Enterprise Application Integration

Our many state of art custom Enterprise Application Integration solutions are delivered between different business
applications. We connect all mission critical information from multiple enterprise legacy, on premise,
on cloud or third party apps on one dashboard.

Enterprise Application Integration

Today, a variety of computerized information systems become an important part of the industrial organisation to run their business. It is mostly happens that different divisions simplify their processes within the enterprise incorporate contrasting business intelligence infrastructures, databases, and business applications.
These systems create problems when that don’t synchronize with each other. In an organisation, the smooth information flow is prevented due to the difference in the information exchange. That’s why business enterprises have to stay competitive in their domain believes that the enterprise-wide application integration is necessary.
The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps business enterprises integrate their hardware systems, legacy systems, business processes, and modern digital platforms, and technologies of an business enterprises can be integrated with the help of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).
Orbit Radix conducting seamless EAI for the help of organizations to accelerate their growth. We improve time-to-market capabilities of a business and help to adopt new enterprise solutions, and event-driven architecture.The Orbit Radix develops the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) programs for traditional recovery it is the best of traditional recovery planning disciplines and modernize them through an enterprise-wide Business Continuity Planning (BCP) programs approach which focuses on the true business processes of the enterprise rather than on the organization’s technology.

Our Offerings

Enterprise Integration Consulting:

We leverage our industry experience for our clients in technology to build an efficient integration road map and integrating a wide range of complex applications. We ensure you with our consulting services that the integrations with the business goals and objectives are in line with as well as meet business challenges. Our specific services include:
  1. Enterprise Architecture Audit, Analysis, and Planning
  2. Technology and IT Security Consulting Project Analysis and Planning
  3. Data Modelling
  4. Process Modeling

Integration Requirements Analysis and Architecture Design (EAI)

In this we start a thorough evaluation and analysis of integration requirements. Our technical knowledge and expertise as well as niche experience help for businesses benefit. A disciplined process helps to create a roadmap that mitigates risks, and provides integration benefits that will be followed by us . Our specific services include:
  1. Integration Requirement Analysis
  2. Integration Architecture Design
  3. Detailed Technology Analysis Depending on Commercial and Open Source Components

Integration Implementations:

Our team can handle mobile, web, or desktop implementation. We are work closely to understand the client business requirements through the mutual collaboration approach which will help us to identify performance markers, infrastructure deficiencies, and integrate new applications to enhance productivity.
Activity Monitoring:
We can monitor the business services and processes to deliver real-time dashboards, and alerts in organisation.

Tactical Integration:

In this existing environment the clients will get the benefits of intending to automate data exchange between two, or more applications, or integrating isolated data applications services. Our comprehensive tactical integration provides following services :

  1. Custom API Integration
  2. Custom Database Connector Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation
  3. Customized Middleware Development
  4. Customization and Re-Engineering Existing Software Applications to Enable New Integration
  5. Customization of Data Sources and Applications that Enable Enterprise-Wide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Integration Health Assessment and Maintenance:

Through this service, we rigorously follow the pre-designed EAI dashboards which ensure us for any minor changes in the systems, or the entire enterprise integration process is completed its time deadline.Your EAI investments can be maximized with the help of Orbit Radix to:

  1. Reduce future system integration costs
  2. Reduce system architecture complexity
  3. Increase implementation speed for new systems
  4. Reduce corporate costs
  5. Support business priorities

Integration Testing:

  1. We conduct rigorous testing of the existing system which will ensure seamless data integration. The individual modules, reporting, interfaces, and other functionalities perform as per the requirement are ensured by our QA expert team

Why Choose Us?

Orbit Radix are ensuring you for the growth of your business essential a robust synergistic system with the continuous guidance of experienced to deliver the full cycle of Enterprise Application Integration.
In the Planning stage, your objectives get a best suited solution for taking a stock of your existing assets. The Infrastructure bottlenecks, associated risk and purpose of the App are understood thoroughly for preparing the blueprint of your EAI.
Thorough checkpoints are identified at all phases We ensure smooth development of a service driven App that are identified at all phases thorough checkpoints. We rigorously deliver and maintain the testing carried out a problem free app in future.