Enterprise Content Management

Our team provide you open, flexible, High Scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM)capabilities. It’s extensive
platform process services adding context for your content support for better decision making, improve productivity, collaboration
between inside and outside easily and securely in your organization and enhance information

Enterprise content management

We can use Enterprise content management to manage paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation. We help you create new business value with your content and transform the way you work by our analytics are working for help you to create a new business value with your content and transform the way to Capture, store and share documents either on-premise or by cloud. Automate time-consuming, document-heavy processes like accounts payable, HR onboarding, contract management and mortgage processing.

Our Services

ECM Architectural Services

Orbit Radix’s ECM team works closely with your organization at the outset of the project to develop an ECM action plan. Your organization have groundwork to properly create and integrate an ECM solution . Your ECM solution has been implemented by the best practices and leverage market leading technologies of our ECM experts.

Integration Services

The ECM solution will be integrated with one of our solutions or your existing technology just after the content capture software is in place by our staff. You don’t need to worry If you already a user of an ECM solution, the leading ECM products including IBM FileNet, Documentum, Hyland OnBase, ImageNow, among others can be integrated with our solution.

Content Migration Services

Once the ECM framework is established, Orbit Radix’s has established ECM frame to collect and analyze all of your data and then provide you with a proof of concept (POC) by the migration specialist works with your organisation. Our migration specialists utilize migration tools, methodologies and testing facilities for getting the approval of the POC for ensuring the collection and migration of your data is correct. Our adept ECM migration specialists you should read here.

Content Capture Services

After your documents are migrated, Orbit Radix’s ECM team after the migration of your documents focuses on establishing the electronic document and information capture technology. The documents of distributed applications that allow to capture at the point of generation from the traditional centralized imaging , we can design elegantly scaling to future needs deliver a capture infrastructure to economically support your current requirements.

Advantages of ECM Software

Enterprise Content Management – ECM software – is a term which is used for combines document management, records management, search, collaboration, workflows, data capture, digital transformation, electronic signature, forms processing, digitalization and digital assets management .
The content management systems – ECM software – are primarily aimed at managing the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival – storing information – and eventually disposal. Enterprise Content Management helps you in:
  1. Simplify the management of corporate information.
  2. Simplify storage processes.
  3. Implement a global and centralized security model for information.
  4. Improve and simplify business processes.
  5. Establish policies for retention, transfer and destruction of information.
  6. Encourage connectivity between systems.
  7. Remove barriers that prevent information from being shared.
  8. Cost savings.
  9. Universal access to information.
  10. Improve the efficiency of the organization.
  11. Increase the control of information within the organization.
  12. Simplify and control processes with Workflows.
  13. Helps you to set a company culture focused on mutual support and efficiency.
  14. Implement tools to connect people and processes.

” You can recover the investment quickly, reorganize the human resources in other task by using the process of automatic digitalization of invoices and their electronic distribution to our customers which is more productive and to be more respectful with the environment”