Business Continuity Planning

Our skilled software developers work on integrated platform with automated tools for building and maintaining
effective plans streamline and simplify your Business Continuity and disaster recovery,
governance and risk management program.

Business Continuity Planning

There are many unfortunate accidents happen that we don’t anticipate. The key is ensuring to get quickly recover by enabling us to put plans in place. that we put plans in place. Due to the lacking of these plans so many small businesses closing down permanently even of minor issues. The Orbit Radix develops the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) programs for traditional recovery it is the best of traditional recovery planning disciplines and modernize them through an enterprise-wide Business Continuity Planning (BCP) programs approach which focuses on the true business processes of the enterprise rather than on the organization’s technology.

Business Continuity Planning Program

Our Continuity Planning programs assist clients in:
  • Identifying the current status of the business and validity of infrastructure.
  •  Identify the time-critical business processes and handle them on the priority.
  •  Addressing business, information technology and crisis continuity planning initiatives;
  •  Mitigation of business and infrastructure through their identify those and use cost effective controls.
  •  Assisting in the acquisition of identified continuity resources.
  •  In the case of a disaster or emergency the resulting plan will be exercised to train management and employees on their roles ;and
  •  it continues to meet the business and infrastructure needs of the client are ensured form measuring the quality of the program.

BCP clients

We currently provide Continuity Planning services to all industry groups with a special emphasis on the technology, media and telecommunications; healthcare and life sciences; food and beverage; and transportation industries. Services overview
Our business process approach to Continuity Planning is reflected in the following high-level methodology:
  1. Current State Assessment/Benchmarking
  2. Threat and Risk Analysis
  3. Business Impact Assessment
  4. Program and Plan Development and Enhancement
  5. Crisis Management and Communication Planning
  6. Workplace Violence Planning
  7. Pandemic Planning
  8. Testing and Training

Business Continuity Program Implementation

We can support any of the following steps to fully implement a sustainable Business Continuity Program and to We are providing organization continuity of critical operations and rapid response to business disruptions with a living, sustainable, effective program that addresses and fully implement a sustainable Business continuity in any of the following steps.

Business Impact Analysis

BIA information may specifically include:
  1. Business functions criticality based on impacts if disrupted
  2. Recovering functions within the recovery time objectives
  3. Recovery resource requirements
  4. Departmental interdependencies

Risk Assessment

The degree on which critical locations are exposed to natural or man-made threats are evaluated by the risk assessment, such as:
  1. Fire
  2. Natural disasters
  3. Severe weather
  4. Hazardous material exposure or releases
  5. Terrorist threats

Strategy Development

Strategies may include:
  1. Operational recovery and work relocation
  2. Communications systems and protocols
  3. Mutual aid agreements
  4. IT disaster recovery
  5. Vendor continuity and oversight
  6. Staffing contingencies and cross-training
  7. Crisis management and incident command

Plan Development

Plan documents may include:
  1. Delegations of Authority and Orders of Succession
  2. Business Continuity Program Guide
  3. IT Disaster Recovery Plan Review and Guidance
  4. Incident and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management and Communications Plan
  5. Department Operational Recovery Procedures

Training and Program Validation

We can:
  1. Train key teams and/or individuals on Incident Command/Crisis Management and Business Continuity
  2. Design and facilitate Incident Command/Crisis Management Tabletop Exercises
  3. Design and facilitate functional business continuity tests within departments
  4. Document all lessons learned from the activities described above, and update plans accordingly.

Program Maintenance and Project Management

  1. .Our consultants for ongoing program maintenance may recommend or produce the necessary tools, training, and hands-on support.s

How we help

Far too often, “BCP” implementation is treated to produce documentation as an academic exercise design. And far too often, the cycle continues on documentation that is viewed as less than valuable, and so quickly becomes obsolete. Our goal is to develop the tools to support that culture preparedness which help the clients institutionalize.
A truly effective program is about expertise and creativity for connecting with the organizational culture, engaging stakeholders, building support, and creating institutional knowledge. Our project team over to the 25 years have been using a variety of engaging solutions for delivering BCP services to meet the needs of our clients.
We are in tune and committed to make a business continuity program effective and sustainable, and applying that expertise which convert into the benefit of our clients.

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