Real Estate Property

This portal encompassing the entire real Estate industry where work on
developing, implementing and programming custom with
automated workflow.

Real Estate/Property Management System

Real Estate Property Management System gives the opportunity to allows independent real estate agents, brokers, or property managers for uploading and maintaining listings for sale, rent and lease. It is a full featured Real Estate system where client can Upload photo galleries, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, company profiles with customize colors, filters, galleries and more. The users can save and manage favorite properties.

Your real estate projects should be improved to manage the right mix of features

In today’s competitive climate, selling, buying and managing properties required to keep records of various projects details for which manual methods are not sufficient and increase workload.

Get Expert Views

The information about the project stand and keep the track of the moving parts, including maintenance, property upgrades, contracts, and leases

Better Communication

It helps to make the communication better between the real estate developers to property manager and marketers for working together.

Easily Share The Files

Orbit Radix can review, approve and mark up files for marketing and production teams which develop and create advertising and collateral.

Highlights of Property management software

As you know that property management software features are wholly dependent on the vendors and fulfill the needs of a variety of property types and real estate business sizes.The property management software highlights have a mix of the following:

Advance Aspects of Real Estate Management Software

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