Finance Management

This software streamline day to day processes of Finance and a mobile and cloud based planning.
It provides accounting, portfolio management, Finance planning, insurance, GST and
tX preparation and customized solutions.

Financial management Software

Orbit Radix finance management software help the industries to run their businesses effectively and prepare for the competition with the financial executive.There is quick-win addition and modification of cash flow by the budgeting and accounting software with continue ongoing activities and reduces operational expenses.

Analysis of Financial Solution by Orbit Radix Technology

Your finance department needs and extended basis can be identify by the Financial Management solution . Consider some common Orbit Radix Tracker based financial apps:

Bills management

You can manage invoices are quickly routed, necessary approved steps , avoid manual matching and free up the staff time for more important tasks.

Purchase order management

A best financial discipline will be exist when you identify web forms and automatic purchase order approval workflows.

Contract Management

Automatic contract approval workflow, reporting, document management, mobile access will assign contract life cycle

Budget management

To track employee financial resources uses, eliminate excel budget spreadsheet with automatic budget approval process.

Consumptions management

Automate a business’ expense entry, streamline approval, and control excessive spendings.

debt management

Ensure the bills are paid in an organized manner, avoid duplicate payments, get rid of paper trail, and reduce administrative effort.

Travel expense management

The travel and expense management features justify the need of complete visibility into travel expenses.

Your company is not alone which request or specific financial workflows go beyond the norm. Financial management software by Orbit Radix financial management software has been developed with flexibility to adapts your processes and goals, allowing your non-technical users to model, run and modify workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Finance automation software advantages

In this competitive market the corporate finance executives are making key decisions and quickly adapt the dynamic business opportunities.

Financial records

The online financial tracking tool gives you full visibility and real-time control. Effective execution and control of the financial process execution and control is ensured through the :

Monetary planning

The company should have aggregate investment proposals for each working units , imbrute budget approval assignment and merge your finance function with the company business strategy.

Finance computerization

In the absence of IT resources need a powerful, computerized finance assignment up and running within days.

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