Restaurant Management

Our software helps to manage unlimited profit center of Your Restaurant with best features in production management,
comprehensive inventory control, recipe and food costing, purchasing, ordering as well
as waste and lot tracking.

Need of AWD Restaurant Management Software:

Restaurant management use the AWD Restaurant management software for a POS which help to increase their sales, improve their customer service, and great business decisions. Orbit Radix has been designed AWD restaurant management software to meet the unique needs and specific demands of the restaurant industry and helps to manage all the key areas of your restaurant – from menu and inventory, to labor and reporting.

Just like an Ordinary Restaurant Management System

Our Point of Sale this system is’ you satisfy your guest wishes and we satisfy your requirements’

Bill Tracking on Actual Time

AWD Restaurant Management System provides you full information about the sales and list of those items which are sold more than other in the rush hours of the day.


Orbit Radix’s designed Restaurant Management System helps you to track the difference between actual and ideal stock consumption.


Orbit Radix’s Cloud-Based Restaurant Management Software helps you to control theft and pilferage in your restaurant.


Orbit Radix’s Smart Inventory Management System helps you to efficiently control the food cost and wastage Such as :


Orbit Radix’s complete Restaurant Management Software you can regulate your staff easily.


Orbit Radix’s Comprehensive Restaurant Management Software helps you to track of the all outlets business at a single place.

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