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our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Softwaren engage you with customers, have knowledge of business, see the customer interest and then build a Scalable sales organization. Connect the entire team from any device to deliver recommendation and simplify repetitive tasks.r third party apps on one dashboard.

CRM Software Development Services

Orbit Radix is a well known company around the world for managing the quality customer relationships. CRM is an interactive and connected system that works diagonally in all departments to match the customer-centric thinking which is cost effective, increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. Orbit Radix’s CRM software applications are completely based on an absolute understanding of the exclusive needs of our customers. With our unique foremost approach you can achieve your targets quickly and effectively by our delivering purpose-built, flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

Orbit Radix gives you the freedom to choose best according to your business requirements, unique customer relationship management solutions. You have complete flexibility on-site or on-demand through the Web in deployment methods.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will help you to interact with your customers across sales, marketing and customer service teams with an inclusive view. We maintain your customer data I. e. Employee collaboration with customers and in respond the quires and opportunities on a highly secure partner web platform.

Advantage of Our CRM software

Lead & Contact Management

Every rightly tracked and nurtured sales lead like follow ups, reminders, call and meeting conversations can be convert into a revenue generating opportunity. And complete the vital task of managing your contacts across various domains.


A intuitive way to track the performance of a marketing channel is to create multiple probabilities within a pipeline and then tracked throughout their complete lifecycle.

Ticket & Issue management

It helps to Create tickets for customer issues and make it auto assign to staff members with auto updates on progress . If progress is not made then inform the higher authorities and then you Keep issue related record and allow for auto escalation of issues if not solved.

Statement & Documentation

The custom quote layout is creating for leads so that you track the status and send them directly from your system to their email id. Its managed the other documentations and file them online.

Chore Management

The staff members will assign the setup of individual or repeating task. The chore can be linked to contact, leads or projects for set the customized reminder on SMS or email.

Important Dates & Events

See all your CRM events and tasks can view calendars of multiple users with the ability to use various filters for editing through drag and drop feature to get specified data.

Schedule the meeting

It is setup a reminder for the Schedule appointments with the customer. It also send the custom invitation and reminder to the concerned person.

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