Freelancing Job Portal

We design Freelance Job Portal on decentralised freelance platform with
artificial intelligence technology without any services charged. It is
useful for freelance seeker as well as the employer.

Orbit Radix Freelancing Job Portal

The fast growing technologies help the organisation to have the quick and fast process to hire right candidates with ease and effectively for this purpose, they take help of online job portals Or Recruitment Websites.
We designed job Portals with the latest and maximum features to help users like candidates, recruiters and admin team to stand and get growth in the job portal services and revenues. Here are, we add following common and standard feature with the needy customized solutions.

Recruiters Demanding

Our recruitment portal design enables latest segregation tools to search and select the right candidates and call them for personal interviews.

The Recruitment Software Solutions

Our expert recruitment website designers and developers have delivered integrated, scalable, and mobile-friendly recruitment solutions.

Candidates Profile

This portal gives a platform to the candidates to upload their resumes and set preferences for their expected destination.

Admin Authorization

Our job portal back-end design helps to manage the role of candidates and recruiters allocated by the super admin.

Popularity on the Serach Engine

Our job portal back-end design helps to manage the role of candidates and recruiters allocated by the super admin.

Our talented recruitment and job portal developers have targeted Web and mobile audience which added real values in the industries and business niches to ease their human resources pains.

Mobile Application for Smartphones

We create native features of mobile apps for smartphones OS platform to give you mobility advantage to your job portal.

Custom Template Creation

We customized job portal templates to meet the job niche specific web portals rapid growth in this field.

Jobs Video Interview

We offer online classes and videos for the interviews preparation on your job portal development.

Affiliates and Referrals

Our features helps you to expand the range to associate with the relevant activities and build trust. we include features after the marketing incentives.

Online Classes

We are experienced to design those recruitment websites which have latest technology and tools that running online classroom required.

Integration and Data Migration

In the highly secure environment We make data integration and data migration is a easy going service by third-party tools and services seamless.

Specialization Features

You can get benefits of this platforms with various freelancing related features as up work and the site have.

Management of Job Portal Solution

Regular maintenance and updating required for running smooth job portal operations to keep pace with time and trends. We offered admired sponsors comprehensive packages.

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